We work tirelessly with our partners to deliver international standard projects having a global impact.  We do this by:

  • playing our part by giving our time in line with our core beliefs in response to natural disasters brought on by the effects of climate change
  • delivering sustainable projects using clean, green technology for international infrastructure which has proven difficult in re-establishing reliable energy from a national grid
  • creating awareness and fundraising for communities around the globe who have been impacted by natural disasters intensified by climate change

International Deployments &. Projects

  • The Caribbean, British Virgin Islands – Hurricane Irma Disaster Response
  • The Caribbean, British Virgin Islands – Virgin Gorda Off-Grid Emergency Comms Project
  • Central America, Managua, Nicaragua – Sustainable Farming Solar PV
  • Asia, Lapubesi, Nepal – Earthquake Disaster Response
  • Asia, Ghorka, Nepal – Shelter & Solar Aid lights
  • Asia, Lapubesi, Nepal –  School Rebuild & Solar PV
  • The Caribbean, Lescayes, Haiti – Hurricane Matthew Disaster Response
  • Africa, Sahara Desert, Morocco – Marathon des Sables £10,000 fundraising
  • Europe, Istanbul, Turkey – The Bosphorus Europe to Asia Swim £3,000 fundraising
  • Europe, Paris, France – Bristol to Paris Cycle for COP 21 in a aid of climate change awareness
  • Asia, Tacloban, Philippines – Super-Typhoon Yolanda Disaster Response & School Rebuild